April 25, 2019

The Lake Dillon Theatre Company Hosts Sonya Meyer in Conservation, Comedy & Song

Performing arts and conservation are two topics that in theory don’t necessarily fit together, that didn’t stop Sonya Meyer from creating a cabaret that did just that. On May 4 & 5 LDTC patrons can experience Ms. Meyer’s new cabaret “A Day of Sky: A Cabaret of Climate Change” in the intimate Henry Studio Theatre.

When Meyer left the Big Apple for a 6-month stay in Breckenridge she didn’t expect to stay. Now four years later, Meyer has fully embraced the year-round outdoor lifestyle while still finding opportunities to perform, direct and teach at theatres in the area.

Meyer was most recently seen on the LDTC stage at the 2017 New York New Year’s Eve Celebration and was first seen as Melody in Bad Jews during the LDTC’s 2016 season. Meyer now uses the stage as a catalyst for preservation and answers the questions of how to get involved locally as a parting gift for the audience.

Meyer’s passions of performing and conservation were a part of her motivation to create a cabaret based on the timely subject of Climate Change. “For me, even as someone who cares about climate change and wants to help and support these organizations, it’s hard to know what is actually being done and what I can actually do to get involved.”

You can experience this unique and intimate event May 4 at 7:30 PM and 5th at 6:30 PM.

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