November 11, 2019

Staff Pick November: Wendy Fellner Book Keeper & Office Manager

It’s the time of the year that I love going to Hot Springs to relax & rejuvenate. Here are a few that I would recommend for a day trip or weekend getaway.

Iron Mountain Hot Springs – Glenwood Springs, CO – I love the variety of mineral pools to soak in, it’s by the river & they play relaxing music. Another great perk is their little café shop to get food, snacks, drinks & sit by the fireplace if you wish. I usually order the meat/cheese & fruit tray (it’s enough to share with 4 people) my favorite adult beverage is the Bloody Mary.

Few tips: The pools are mostly for adults. However, there is a large pool for families to enjoy. This fairly new hot spring is getting popular and I recommend going early in the morning when it opens.

Hot Sulphur Springs Resort & Spa – Hot Sulfur Springs, CO – I love the small-town rustic feel of this hot spring. They have a large variety of pools to soak in and really enjoy the beauty of this place & it’s history.

Few tips: Bring snacks with you if you are there for the day. The nearest places for food are in Grandby & Winter Park. The Hong Kong Chinese Restaurant in Winter Park is very tasty and affordable prices.

The Springs Resort & Spa – Pagosa Springs, CO – Pagosa Springs is a great relaxing weekend getaway. It’s a fun town to explore and recommend staying overnight at the resort. They have a good variety of pools and the view is beautiful along the San Juan river.

Few tips: There is a nearby bridge you can walk over to the other side of the river for a variety restaurants and great coffee shops. If you don’t stay at the resort, you can still soak in the pools for the day. Have extra time? I recommend taking a scenic drive through the San Jan mountains.