August 11, 2016

Panel Discussion

Arts as a catalyst for community development

For many years, the arts have been heralded as a solution for all kinds of problems. From revitalizing neighborhoods to improving physical and psychological well-being of participants; the arts really are a catalyst for community development.

The arts scene in Summit County is growing at a rapid pace and with rising investment in the arts, many organizations are increasing programming and opportunities for our community. But how do arts organizations actually impact the community they are settled in and how far does the reach go? Is it just those who participate in the arts or does it affect the whole community?

Join the conversation

On Saturday, December 5th The Lake Dillon Theatre Company is hosting a panel discussion to explore how the Arts are and can be used to impact more than just a communities culture and arts scene, but also stimulate local economy and quality of life.

“The Town of Silverthorne has an ambitious multi-year plan that will make an exciting and vibrant arts culture that will spread well beyond the city limits” said Tim O’Donnell, Director of Education at the Lake Dillon Theatre Company. “This panel is a real opportunity for the community to come learn about the exciting emerging arts scene in Summit County”

The panel includes Robb Woulfe, president and CEO of Breckenridge Creative Arts, Joanne Cook, Silverthorne Recreation and Culture Director and Josh Blanchard, Executive Directive of The Lake Dillon Theatre Company. The panelists will discuss the growing trends in Arts today and the challenges faced by arts organizations and communities. They will also talk about their own experiences working in Summit County and how we can continue to grow the unique and engaging arts scene in our community.

The Lake Dillon Theatre Company would like to invite you to join the discussion.

“This will be a great opportunity for people to come hear what’s going on and also how they can be a participant of the process,” explains Tim O’Donnell.

This is a free event hosted at The Lake Dillon Theatre at 10am on Saturday, December 5th. No tickets or reservations are required. Please arrive at 9.45am to enjoy the available refreshments and take your seat in time for the beginning of the discussion.