September 26, 2017

Meet Nina Waters, new staff member with the LDTC!

Meet Nina Waters, Patron Relations Coordinator

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1.  What are you most excited about working at the LDTC?

I have been hoping to work for the LDTC full time since I first worked for the theater in 2014 as a summer company member. In theater today, it is so rare to find a theater that is still doing its best to tell stories that truly matter. The Lake Dillon Theatre strives to bring incredible stories to life. So I’m thrilled to be a part of a company that’s committed to producing quality, entertaining theater, that has the ability shape our view on the world.

2.  What do you love most about Summit County?

What’s not to love!? Being an outdoor enthusiast myself, I’m so happy to have mountains right in my backyard! In addition to that. I’m glad to have found a community that cares so much about the things I care about — community involvement, diversity, sustainability, the list goes on and on!

3.  What kind of activities do you participate in Summit County?

When It’s cold out, I enjoy taking my husky- Bandit on long skins in my backyard. When it’s a little warmer you can typically find me floating down various rivers on my stand up paddle board, and all year long you can find me in my favorite yoga studio, peak yoga.

4.  Why theatre?  

How can I not love a life that provides me with endless stories from all walks of life? I grew up in an multi-ethnic household, and with it came a varied history rich in tales from all over. Since then, I have always been fascinated with people who had different stories as myself, and working in theater provides me with that everyday.

5.  What do you think will be the most challenging and rewarding thing about your new position?

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a challenge, but it will definitely be a different perspective to let my performing take a backseat at a theatre that has been my performance “home” for 4 years. No need to worry — I won’t be off the stage forever 🙂 But I also think that’s what excites me most about this change as well. I’m looking forward to lending my other skills in theater production to the theater that has held my heart for such a long time.