November 8, 2019

Meet the Cast! Tiny Beautiful Things: Sheryl McCallum

Tiny Beautiful Things is the LDTC’s final theatre production in our 25th Anniversary season entitled “To Be Connected…”

In this provocative, poignant and rich (NY Times) production, we explore what it means to be connected to strangers in today’s world. Now is your chance to connect with our cast of new and returning artists.

This is Sheryl McCallum‘s second time on the LDTC Stage. You may recognize her from her role as Mrs. Banks in Barefoot in the Park earlier this season.

Can you tell us about your character?

My character is named Sugar. The is an author, mother, and wife who says yes to a request to take over an online advice column.

What does Tiny Beautiful Things mean to you? 

Tiny beautiful things to me means that no matter what we go through in life, the highs and especially the lows, We must remember to recognize, appreciate, and accept all the small beautiful gifts that come our way.

What excites you about working on Tiny Beautiful Things?

What excites me about Tiny, is diving into the character of Sugar. What made her say yes to the request? How she answers her column in her own voice. She shows her pain, her joy, and her humor. It excites me that these are real letters. I’m excited to lift these words off the page and use my voice.

What do you think will be challenging about Tiny Beautiful Things?

What will be challenging is that there is a lot of dialogue and a short rehearsal time. Also, some of the letters are weighty. The challenge will be to let the responses to the letters, feel genuine and not presentational. But that’s why Chris is there.

You play the character Sugar. In what ways do you feel you connect with her? 

I connect most with Sugar in how she speaks about her mother who passed away. The love she has for her. I also connect with her saying, she doesn’t know it all. Odd for an advice columnist.

You Recently played Mrs. Banks in Barefoot in the Park and we are so excited to have you back, what excites you about coming back to Summit County and the LDTC? 

I am looking forward to spending some of the Holidays in Dillon. Also, it’s great to come back to a place where you were treated so well. I absolutely loved being at LDTC and look forward to a great time again. This time in the snow!!