November 13, 2019

Meet The Cast! Tiny Beautiful Things: Sanam Hashemi

Tiny Beautiful Things is the LDTC’s final theatre production in our 25th Anniversary season entitled “To Be Connected…”

In this provocative, poignant and rich (NY Times) production, we explore what it means to be connected to strangers in today’s world. Now is your chance to connect with our cast of new and returning artists.

Introducing Sanam Hashemi, This is Sanam’s LDTC debut.

Can you tell us about your character(s)? 

I play a lot of them and they are all so different. It’s great to jump into a 70-year-old married man and then to an opinionated blogger. But above all, the characters are all grappling with something. That’s why we hear from them in the play. So it’s neat to see how everyone is questioning or struggling or re-evaluating something in their lives.

What does Tiny Beautiful Things mean to you? 
Celebrating being a human.

What excites you about working on Tiny Beautiful Things
I think the most exciting part of this play is that everyone is real. Just real people trying to get through their day and dealing with real human questions and roadblocks in life. Nothing glamorous, but extremely relatable.

What do you think will be challenging about Tiny Beautiful Things?
I think Nia Vardalos did an incredible job of shaping these letters into a narrative. She takes the audience and Sugar through hilarious, tragic, touching, and hopeful moments. As an actor, I think it’s just technically going to challenging to remember the sequencing of all of the amazing letters, but I have faith in the process and our team.

You play letter writers are there any particular questions you connect with the most? 
One of the characters I portray lends advice as part of the greater “Sugar community” on what advice they would give their younger selves. So, it’s not really a question, but more of a reminder to focus on your life and not your career. I just love it. “The useless days will add up to something.”

We are so excited to have you join the LDTC family! What excites you about coming to the Lake Dillon Theatre for the first time? 
It’s always great to work with a new group of people to create something. So that’s extremely exciting. But also, I’ve never been to Colorado, and wow! What a beautiful place this theatre calls home. I feel really lucky to be a part of it.