November 9, 2019

Meet the Cast! Tiny Beautiful Things: Kevin Minor

Tiny Beautiful Things is the LDTC’s final theatre production in our 25th Anniversary season entitled “To Be Connected…”

In this provocative, poignant and rich (NY Times) production, we explore what it means to be connected to strangers in today’s world. Now is your chance to connect with our cast of new and returning artists.

Introducing Kevin Minor, This is Kevin’s LDTC debut.

Can you tell us about your character(s)? 
What’s up! So I’m Letter Writer #3 which allows me the awesome task of playing people that are all different and unique in their own way. Each of my “letters” (I hope) have their own cadence and their own form and way they take up space in the world which is both fun and challenging all at the same time.

What does Tiny Beautiful Things mean to you? 
From the moment I was sent this script the first word that came to mind was “empathy”. Nia Vardalos’ script is so beautiful in that she is daring us as actors (and as the audience as well) to have fierce and unapologetic empathy for the experience of our fellow person. What I think is so beautiful about it artistically, and the statement it made to me, is that we aren’t all that different from each other. We’re all wondering what’s next, we’re all searching for love, we’re all wondering WTF (you’ll get that reference when you see the show), and we all just want to belong. It’s a show that isn’t going to wow you with a bunch of lights and jumping around and dancing but is instead about the thing that unites us all and that’s being human and figuring out what the hell this thing called Life is all about. I love that about this show. It’s soulful and funny and gut-wrenching and it offers something that I truly believe each and every audience member will be able to look at and say to at least one letter or part of the show: “that’s me”.

What excites you about working on Tiny Beautiful Things
Bringing all of these letters to life. Each of them is so unique and they each have a life entirely of their own so to be able to play and create each of these is an honor. Of course, with any show, building a family with your castmates is one of the most rewarding parts so I’m looking forward to getting into the room and getting to know them and building our version of this world together.

What do you think will be challenging about Tiny Beautiful Things?
The actor’s burden with any show is to play a set of circumstances that are different than your own and make them feel real and true. Now oftentimes we are cast because we somehow fit the character naturally but this show is different because each letter offers something totally different than the rest. Our challenge, as letter writers, is to fully embody the reality and depth of each characters’ circumstances which is scary and challenging yet rewarding. My hope is for each of these letters, and the experiences of those who wrote them, I do justice to the experience to which they are speaking.

You play letter writers are there any particular questions you connect with the most? 
It’s not necessarily a question but the statement that I couldn’t get out of my head from my first read of the script is “I chose Van Gogh”. It’s simple yet deep and it touches on the choice we make every day in how we view the world. Of course, there are things out of our control and each of our lives is significantly different. We all experience our own adversities and difficulties but it’s our perspective and how we choose to approach the world that ultimately defines our character. So the phrase “I chose Van Gogh” encapsulates that to me.

We are so excited to have you join the LDTC family! What excites you about coming to the Lake Dillon Theatre for the first time? 
I’m excited about being in Colorado! I visited with my family for a summer when I was in college and by the end of the trip I was no joke looking to try to transfer to DU (I was playing soccer so, of course, I couldn’t). Colorado is a really beautiful place and I’m excited about going outside and seeing mountains….but also, to be fully transparent, not so sure I’m excited about the snow but this isn’t an outdoor theater, right?