November 7, 2019

Meet The Cast! Tiny Beautiful Things: Hugh Hysell

Tiny Beautiful Things is the LDTC’s final theatre production in our 25th Anniversary season entitled “To Be Connected…”

In this provocative, poignant and rich (NY Times) production, we explore what it means to be connected to strangers in today’s world. Now is your chance to connect with our cast of new and returning artists.

Introducing Hugh Hysell, This is Hugh’s LDTC debut.

Can you tell us about your character(s)? 

I play a lot of real-life middle-age people who ask Sugar for advice. They need help with all kinds of problems ranging from work woes to romance gone weird to parental advice. While some of the other characters in the play are quite moving, all of mine are pretty funny and I get to provide a lot of comic moments for the show until near the end of the play when there is a huge surprise.  I think this twist will be one of the most memorable theatrical moments of the show. I’m excited to take the audience on this unexpected turn.

What does Tiny Beautiful Things mean to you? 

Tiny Beautiful Things is a beautiful play which speaks to everyone. While each of us have our own individual problems, the play shows us that we have much in common with the letter writers. Everyone has issues in our lives that we have to face (some funny, some touching, some tragic), and yet, we all could use some help to get to the other side of our problems. The play reminds that if we are brave enough to ask for advice, our roads might be a little (or a lot) less rough. We are all in this together, and if we reach out to others, most things will work out for the better.


What excites you about working on Tiny Beautiful Things

I’m excited to work on this play for a lot of reasons. Many of my lines are funny (which is right in my wheelhouse), and I love crafting my delivery of a joke to get the biggest response from an audience. I also get to play multiple characters, all quite different (which is always exciting as an actor).


What do you think will be challenging about Tiny Beautiful Things?

All of the letters my characters write to Sugar’s advice column are real letters from real-life people, and each is intimate in its own way. Therefore, my portrayal of each letter writer has to be honest, vulnerable and extremely believable. Plus, one of my character’s letters is quite long (3 pages in the script) – which is a challenge to any actor. Whenever I have worked on a show where I have long monologues, I personally find that I need a good deal of time to learn those lines. Lucky for me, I was cast in this show months ago, and so I started working on memorizing that speech right away. It took me about a month to learn it. I think you’ll love it – I do!


You play letter writers who are sending their questions to Sugar. Are there any particular questions you connect with the most? 

I relate with all of the letter writers, but I especially connect to a letter about a father and son. While I don’t have a son, I feel deeply connected to this letter through the memory of my dad (who left us far too early). I feel his presence in those beautiful words.


We are so excited to have you join the LDTC family! What excites you about coming to the Lake Dillon Theatre for the first time? 

I have been really looking forward to spending time here in Lake Dillon. The theatre has a terrific reputation and I am excited to be working with this fine company. Plus, this town is beautiful and the views of the lake and mountains are so stunning, they seem almost magical. It feels like an adventure awaits me here.