March 7, 2019

Meet The Cast Of The Cake: Victoria Bundonis as Della

The Cake opens at the Lake Dillon Theatre Company on March 15, 2019. We are so excited to be producing this hilarious new comedy by Bekah Brunstetter we took some time to ask the cast what excites them. Today we feature Victoria Bundonis.

What most excites you about coming back to Summit County and the LDTC? 

This is my fifth time working at LDTC but my first time working at the beautiful Flex.  I’ve always felt that LDTC is the wonderful jewel of Summit County. The shows are challenging, the creative and production teams are passionate, and audiences are so involved and appreciative. It is a treat to be part of it. And the mountain scenery never gets old!

What can audiences expect when they come to The Cake

A show that is equal parts hilarious and touching.  No pun intended but there is much food for thought in the script and after what I hope will be an enjoyable night at the theatre, there should be many interesting discussions on the car ride home!

How do you relate with your character?

I empathize with Della.  She is a good-hearted person who is just trying to reconcile the beliefs that she grew up with, with the way the world is so quickly changing around her ….and I like cake too!

What is most exciting about being in The Cake?

To me, this show is about love and listening and getting beyond labels. It reminds us that people are not always the villains or heroes we see at first glance.  Its message is timely.

What is the most Challenging?

The non-traditional use of buttercream frosting!


The Cake is the first show of the 2019 Theatre Season and will run from March 15 – March 31.

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