March 9, 2019

Meet The Cast Of The Cake: Nina Waters

The Cake opens March 15, 2019, at the Lake Dillon Theatre Company. We sat down with the cast members to learn more about why they are excited about the show! Today we hear from Nina Waters, a summit county local and LDTC full-time staff member who will play the role of Macy.

What most excites you about coming back to Summit County and the LDTC? 

Well seeing as I live here all the time, it’s nice to be able to be on stage again in a play. I’ve spent most of the past 2 years working full time in a staff capacity and only onstage in cabarets, and prior to that, I was on stage by myself in Pretty Fire. So it’s nice to be in a play with other people again!

What can audiences expect when they come to The Cake

To laugh, to cry, to maybe question your beliefs and to see a perspective from a point of view that you may not have expected.

How do you relate with your character? 

Oh, IN. SO. MANY. WAYS.  Macy is a lot of me and some more. She is always trying to stand up for the little guy, the underrepresented, and that’s maybe because she sees a little of that in herself. Much like me, I’m always playing the devil’s advocate. Trying to push the envelope, and sometimes forgetting when it’s best to just quiet up and listen.

What is most exciting about being in The Cake

The cast is so fun! I’ve worked with almost all of them at some point, which is really nice to come into a rehearsal room with people you know and trust.

What is the most Challenging? 

Other than the 11 day rehearsal period!?!!? I would say keeping it fun. Playing and activist type character like Macy, it’s hard to not always go for anger or disillusionment. There is joy and love, and so many more layers to this character so being able to play in those moments is sometimes easy to forget.

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