March 10, 2019

Meet the Cast of The Cake: Kenneth Wayne Bradley

The Cake opens March 15, 2019, at the Lake Dillon Theatre Company. We sat down with the cast to learn more about why they are excited about the show! Today we feature Kenneth Wayne Bradley. The Cake is Kenneth’s LDTC debut!

What excites you about your first show in Summit County and with the LDTC?

Have you seen this place? Wow! The breathtaking mountains, the lake, the incredible Theatre! Every picture I take is a postcard straight from the chamber of commerce!   And getting to work with Melissa Livingston again is a dream come true! I couldn’t pass this up!

What can audiences expect when they come to The Cake?

I think they will see a version of themselves in at least one of the characters, and pieces of themselves in ALL the characters!  I think sometimes in our new hyper-social media world we sometimes get duped into the falsehood that things are either black or white.  These people are very real, multi-dimensional, warm and rounded…and they all have a heart. The writer has captured each character’s inherent human warmth along with their flaws.  She has taken a complete 360-degree view of EACH character which I as an actor, love, but so will the audience.

How do you relate with your character?

Tim lives life as he sees it.  He doesn’t intentionally judge, he just doesn’t know any better.  I think we’re all a bit guilty of that. Recognizing it is key. Change doesn’t come with the snap of a finger. It takes encouragement, and love and civil conversation for your eyes to start to open…and it takes time. And a bit of mashed potatoes!

What is most exciting about being in The Cake?

The “family” created when staging a live production is dear to my heart. The bonds we create with each other and that live connection to the audience is something that I have always deeply treasured.  It is very real and organic and there’s nothing else like it on earth! That’s what makes the theatre experience, and the audiences who come to witness it, the best in the world! And THIS story is sure to connect on all levels; humor, tragedy, philosophy… it’s timeliness, and it has it all.  And I think it will open up real face to face conversation, patience and an understanding of how the other person lives, without judgment… which we desperately need right now.

What is the most Challenging?

Well, dodging the snow avalanches!! I’m more the guy who grabs an inner-tube and floats down the river in 113 degree weather!!! I am learning a fast lesson about another side to Mother Nature! But I love it up here!

Don’t miss out on the instant mashed potato hilarity!

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