August 14, 2019

Meet the Cast of Barefoot in the Park: Wayne Shuker

Barefoot in the Park opens in 2 weeks! As we draw closer we are getting to know our cast. Wayne Shuker is returning to the Lake Dillon Theatre Company. We caught up with him for a chance to hear his thoughts on the show and his character Paul Bratter.

Can you tell us about your character? Paul Bratter is a rising young attorney. At least, that’s how he wants to be seen. He is a recent law school grad, just married to the woman of his dreams and all set to climb the ladder of success in New York City. Except, Paul doesn’t want to climb, he’d rather sprint; and he needs Corie to help him race to the ideal life that he has been working for. But Corie has ideals of her own, and as much as that frustrates and confuses Paul, she is exactly what he needs. Honestly, Paul is a lot like me. I moved to New York City with an idea of what life should look like, and thankfully I’ve had many people come in and out of my life who have helped me realize all the different ways it can go.

What does Barefoot in the Park mean to you?  Barefoot in the Park is a reminder that sometimes we can get lost in our aspirations or our monotony. Routine, be it for progress or survival can blind us to the realities and possibilities all around. But when you make a connection with someone, your routines become altered and if you allow yourself, you become aware of a whole new world of possibilities.

What can audiences expect when they come to Barefoot in the Park? Barefoot in the Park is a romantic comedy. Predecessor to your favorite tear jerkers that make you laugh out loud, it is written with the care and finesse of a Great American Playwright, Neil Simon. It is filled with snark and wit, but just the right amount of sincerity to leave you feeling warm inside.

What is the most challenging part of Barefoot in the Park? Honestly, all that snark and wit can be tempting to run away with. While Paul is certainly a sarcastic piece of work, he truly loves Corie and wants what’s best for the both of them.

What is the most exciting part of Barefoot in the Park? Getting to bring Neil Simon’s words to life. I truly love this play and am honored that “going to work” means I get to play around with this cast of characters.

What is most exciting about returning to the LDTC and Summit County? LDTC is a community that I am thrilled to return to. The connections I’ve made here have stayed with me. It’s honestly exciting to walk into that audition room in NYC and see so many warm familiar faces. Plus, I have quite a few more 14ers to conquer.

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