August 17, 2019

Meet The Cast of Barefoot in the Park: Sheryl McCallum

Barefoot in the Park opens August 30th! We met with Sheryl McCallum to learn more about her character and her thoughts on the show!

Can you tell us about your character? My character is Ethel Banks, the mother of the free-spirited, Corie. Mrs. Banks seems to live a very mundane life in New Jersey. she has friends and does get out some, but like most women of her time, her focus mainly has been on her family and less on herself. She has a quick, very dry wit. Now that her daughter is married and out of the house, what does she do? How does she feel?

What does Barefoot in the Park mean to you? What does Barefoot in the Park mean to me? I’m going to answer this two ways. As a term”Barefoot in the park” means that you run free without a care in the world. A little oblivious. Which can be great…at times. The play itself is a great part of the timeless work of Neil Simon. It deals with love, differences, Breakdowns, communication, all the wonderful and complex experiences each of us has. And what I like most, it makes us face some facts that we may not want to face, but leads to living in the present and living much fuller!

What can audiences expect? I first hope audiences expect a great time at the theatre. I also hope that see some of themselves in one of the characters and may, possibly, want to make a little adjustment.

What is the most challenging & exciting part of Barefoot in the Park? The most challenging part is the short rehearsal time. Some theatre companies give 3 weeks for rehearsals. For me, this means to come in as “off book” as I can, and be ready to absorb like a good sponge. This is also the most exciting part. As an actor, you want to welcome new and exciting challenges. And it gives you a great sense of gratitude to meet and exceed that challenge.

What excites you about working with the LDTC for the first time? This is my first time at LDT!!!! I am thrilled to be working with Chris and the LDTC staff and crew. I had a chance to see Mama Mia and I was blown away at the production value and the space itself. It is also exciting to meet and work with new actors. Plus being surrounded by the gorgeous Colorado mountain ain’t bad either. And I hear there are outlet stores nearby!!

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