August 9, 2019

Meet The Cast of Barefoot in the Park: Andrea Fleming

Summer is far from over at the LDTC Barefoot in the Park opens Aug. 30! We caught up with Andrea Fleming who was previously Sherrie in the LDTC’s production of Rock of Ages. Here’s a little about Andrea’s take on her character Corie Bratter and her thoughts about the show.

Can you tell us about your character? I see Corie as the burning spirit of the play. She has such zest for life and is the bright center at which the paths of all the other characters in the show converge. At times she can seem slightly contradictory but she isn’t a liar. It is because she takes each moment in life for exactly where and when it is … though through her own very colorful lens. She responds so truthfully with whatever emotions come up for her in any given instance, letting go of whatever feelings she might have had of one thing in the past, near or distant. She may seem like a lot, but no one you would want to live without because she fills each individuals space with such vibrance. As Mother would say, “She seems to get a terrific kick out of living. You’ve got to admire that…”

What does Barefoot in the Park mean to you? Barefoot in the Park means letting go of sensibility and living life in the raw; colorfully, emotionally, vividly.

What can audiences expect when they come to Barefoot in the Park? Expect to leave with a huge smile on your face and maybe a willingness to play in the wild parts of life. 😉

What is the most challenging part of Barefoot in the Park? What can be a challenge is not allowing the humanity of some of the characters to come through. Corie is a prime example. It might be easy to play her as this crazy, childish, oblivious caricature because she really wears her emotions on her sleeves. However, Corie is just a human who truly just says and does from her heart what most people would only keep in their heads.

What is the most exciting part of Barefoot in the Park? What’s exciting is experiencing the different personalities come together and influence one another. Each person in the play compliments each other so well. Paul’s sensibility and Corie’s wild authenticity make such a beautiful swirl of interactions. They are truly like peanut butter and jelly. And at some point, you start to see how each brings out the opposite flavors in the other. Delicious! 🙂

What is most exciting about returning to the LDTC and Summit County? I am too excited to be back in this community. The people here really welcome visitors with such warmth. It’s like a theatre home away from home!

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