July 9, 2019

Meet New Staff Member: Rachel Dilliplane

What are you most excited about working at the LDTC?

I’m thrilled for the opportunity to approach theatre from the technical side again. I’ve been fortunate to participate in the spectacle from a performer’s perspective and in the analytical from director’s perspective, but the logistical and managerial side is a whole new beast. LDTC already feels like a very supportive place to utilize and develop those skills.

What do you love most about Summit County? 

I truly can’t get over the views. It’s like living in a Gateway desktop background.

What kind of activities do you participate in Summit County?

When I’m not at the theatre I’ve been running and exploring hiking trails. Not sure if I’ll ever acclimate! When I really need to catch my breath I love hanging out at the Crown in Breck with a good book or script.

Why theatre?  

It’s how I experience the world. Even if I lived one thousand lifetimes, I would still miss out on something, but with theatre – whether I’m performing, directing, managing or producing – I’m learning something about a different time period, a different country, a different human experience. It’s how I learn and how I travel. Plus, I get to meet dozens of new wonderful talented people with every project.

What do you think will be the most challenging and rewarding thing about your new position?

Diving into this position halfway through the 2019 season has definitely been a trial by fire, and while it’s been challenging finding my way during back-to-back tech weeks, I’m grateful that the gloves are already off. Those 16+ hour days are when you really get to know yourself and those around you. If you can love your job at the eleventh hour when the costumes aren’t finished the turntable isn’t working, you can love it anytime!

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