February 25, 2019

LDTC Does The Big Apple: Day 1 Auditions, Producers, and Shows….

Written By: LDTC Artistic Director Chris Alleman

Each year (a couple times, actually), the LDTC heads to NYC with a couple of goals. Casting, development, and industry knowledge…..meaning, we come to the Big Apple to cast most of our shows, we provide an educational experience for Patrons wanting to experience shows in The City, and staff attends conferences for professional development and sees shows to help “stay up” on the business of theatre in the country.

And, here we are again. Josh Blanchard (Executive Director), Kevin Carson (Production/Company Manager) and myself (Artistic Director – Chris Alleman) have begun arriving. This trip we also have joining us – three Producers. What is a producer for the LDTC, you ask? Well, for the past few years, a certain select number of patrons have joined us (for a certain sized contribution to the LDTC) for our auditions in NYC. Meaning, they are with the staff in the audition room and witness the “ins and outs” of the LDTC auditions – including initial audition call, dance callbacks and show specific callbacks. We also take the producers to 4 significant shows in the city (Broadway or Off-Broadway) plus have intimate conversations about the casting process. Dinners, too.

The producers this year are Peg and Lee Henry and Jon Kirkpatrick….but more on them later – when they arrive on Sunday.

Josh and I will be seeing a total of 12 shows while we are here.  During the next week, follow the experiences of the staff, producers, and auditionees as we share the journeys of all involved.

Day 1 – Saturday, February 23, 2019.

Arrival in the city and the hotel.   We won’t bore you with that.   Travel is travel.  However, we are staying at a really great boutique Hotel on Restaurant Row – The French Quarters  – we’ve stayed there numerous times and their team is amazing.

The first show we attended was Seawall/A Life at The Public Theatre on Lafayette street. The Public is one of the more distinguished regional theatres in the City (and country).  They produce new works and many go on to a life far beyond their walls….think Hamilton.

Seawall/A Life is two one-act monologues dealing with life and death.  Performed wonderfully by Tom Sturridge (Seawall) and Jake Gyllenhaal (As Life).   The house was full and so were the performances.

Another cool thing we saw was this (see below) selfie station in the lobby. Tons of people used it. Who’d like to see something like this at the LDTC?