March 3, 2019

LDTC Does NYC: Day 7 Fifth Day Of Auditions. Busy By Lonely Room…

Written By Artistic Director Chris Alleman

Well, the producers have made their way back to Colorado. We continued to audition today with callbacks but the room was lonely not having Peg, Lee, and Jon with us.

We started with callbacks for Sophie and Sky in Mamma Mia! We had the men sing “Lay Your Love On Me” and the women sang “Honey Honey” and “Thank You for the Music”. They also read sides from a couple of short scenes from the show.

Next were the Ali’s and Lisa’s – who are Sophie’s best friends. This was a really fun callback as they read one of the first scenes fro meh show but also sang “Honey Honey” as a trio. It was a really fun vibe in the room with lots of energy.

After that, we had some men in for Pepper and Eddie. It was a short scene and more “Lay Your Love on Me”. They were a lot of fun.

We then switched to Tell Me on a Sunday with about 8 women in for the role of Emma. They sang a couple of songs from the show and were given some direction from Josh Blanchard – the director of the show. We narrowed them down to 4 and are sending them some “homework” to record themselves playing an instrument and singing from the show. We can’t wait to see what they put together.

Then it was full on to Barefoot in the Park callbacks. This was for the entire afternoon. We called back 4 Corries and about 15 Pauls. It was fun to see the variety we had in the room. I tell you, those four Corries were working reading about 5 times each.  It was so great to see their character choices vary and grow.

Finally, it was reading for the Velascos – with the same Corries. Again, a really fun time in the room with some great takes on the quirkish Velasco.

WHEW….what a long day of callbacks. A couple of things to take from this…..1) we saw some great talent today and look forward to putting the casting puzzle together, 2) Josh Blanchard was our reader today…..if we ever need a Tanya, Donna or Sophie…..Josh did a great job…..look out, ladies.  🙂

After a long day, we decided to end with a long show…..a three hour and 45-minute version of King Lear starring Glenda Jackson. Not being a huge Shakespeare fan….I was…..well….let’s just say not a huge fan.   The performances were good and the director had a clear vision…..but if you really want to learn more about the show – stop Josh Blanchard in the theatre sometime and let him give you his thesis of the production. He will happily bore you with it.  🙂

Tomorrow – last day of callbacks – Tiny Beautiful Things…..