March 2, 2019

LDTC Does NYC: Day 6 Fourth Day Of Auditions And Say goodbye To The Producers…

Written by Artistic Director Chris Alleman

Today was a long day….but a pretty productive one. We started bright and early at 8:30 am. It was an open call – meaning actors came in to sign up for a slot and we saw as many people as we could – which amounted to about 170 more people. Afterward, we had yet another dance callback for the actors from today and a number of actors from Monday and Tuesday.

It was a great dance call back. We also had a first callback for the role of Emma in Tell Me On A Sunday.   Our idea for this show is pretty interesting and it was fun explaining it to the auditionees and seeing their excitement. You’ll have to see the show to know more.  🙂

Afterward was a quick walk to the restaurant – Butter on 45th Street.  This restaurant is owned by Food Network Chef – Alex Guarnaschelli. The food and atmosphere were both great. No dessert, though.  🙁

We headed back across 45th for the first Preview performance of Ain’t Too Proud…which is the music and story of The Temptations. First Preview means that this was the first time that an audience saw a performance. It was a really great show with the performers working harder than most any other show I have ever seen. Great music, great dancing, and great direction. Highly recommended.

After the show, we were all tired. But, Lee Henry talked is into heading over to Juinor’s for some delicious cheesecake. Jon Kirkpatrick didn’t order any cheesecake but did have a glass of wine.

This was the last night for the producers. They will all head back to Colorado (and the SNOW) on Friday.  We’ll miss them. It was a fantastic week of sharing the experiences of auditions and NYC theatre with them.

Call-backs for Tell Me on a Sunday, Barefoot in the Park, and Mamma Mia!, tomorrow.

I have to go to sleep now……