February 27, 2019

LDTC Does NYC Day 4: Second Day Of Auditions

Written by Artistic Director Chris Alleman

Day two of auditions was much of the same but oh so exciting. It was the second day of EPAs. Early start and pushed right through.   I was incorrect with our count yesterday….we actually so a bit more than 100 and today was about 130 or so. There were some really interesting and entertaining auditions…..actors are getting “creative” with their selections.

No dance callback today – as we pushed everyone to Wednesday and Thursday. The most popular songs of the day were:

* Shut Up and Dance With Me by Walk the Moon
* Edge of Glory by Lady Gaga

* Call Me by Blonde
* Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler

For our evening we had a family style Italian Dinner at Carmine’s. We had to wait 30 minutes for our reservations but finally made it to the table and had our food within 15 minutes.  And it was A LOT OF FOOD…..lasagna, penne with broccoli, cheese bread, salad, calamari, and spaghetti with bolognese…..we were all in a carb comma….until we walked out into the cold weather (about 15 degrees and WINDY) – which snapped us back awake.

We crossed the street to see one of the most incredible adaptations with Aaron Sorkin’s (West Wing, A Few Good Men) To Kill a Mockingbird.   There was not one component of the craftily staged production that could be improved. Jeff Daniels performance was exquisite….along with a cast or extraordinarily talented group.   We all left mouths agape at the performance we saw.

We had a great talk-back walking back to the hotel and then decided to continue with drinks and desserts at Becco’s located across the street…..where we ran into a former actor waiting tables at the restaurant.

6 hours of sleep and on to day three of auditions….