June 18, 2019

In the Rehearsal Room: Mamma Mia!

It’s safe to say Summer is in full swing at the LDTC. Tell Me on a Sunday is in its last week and Mamma Mia! has been in rehearsals for a week now. Since the LDTC has a fast rehearsal schedule once they start we know opening is not far off. With this in mind, there was exciting energy in the room during the cast’s first dance rehearsal.

Before they start director Adam Estes talks Gina Ward, Abigail Gardner, and Christina Schmidt through the scene of “Honey Honey”.

Gina (Sophie) jumps to action as Christina (Lisa) and Abigail (Ali) practice their reactions.

As a director, it is important for Adam to watch every move and make adjustments as needed.


Mamma Mia! Opens June 28 tickets are selling fast so purchase today!