REDISCOVER LAUGHTER (and the 80's) ...

One of Broadway's greatest comedies is light, fast-paced, witty, irreverent take on the classic cult film of the same name featuring Olivia Newton John. XANADU  takes comedy combines great recognizable music, dancing, humor and  leg warmers and mixes them together for an unforgettable night at the theatre (For Everyone). In the heart of Mt. Olympus, the young and beautiful muse known as Kira yearns for something more. When watching over a struggling young artist, Sonny, she descends from the heavens to find herself in the last place she possibly imagined: Venice Beach, CA in the year 1980! Kira must aid Sonny in the creation of the world’s greatest artistic endeavor since the Parthenon - THE FIRST ROLLER DISCO! Kira’s covetous sisters interfere when she falls hopelessly in love with Sonny, even though it is forbidden for immortals.

Get Going, get Greek, and get Groovy!

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