Prologues & Epilogues

Enrich your theatrical experience by learning more about the production with Prologues & Epilogues.

Admission is included with the purchase of a ticket. 

The prologue is a ten-minute production preview before each performance. A Theatre SilCo staff member will offer a brief introduction into the production history, the play’s themes, the playwright’s biography, and more. Each prologue begins twenty-five minutes prior to the scheduled curtain time. 

Join a Theatre SilCo staff and members of the cast and crew for a talk-back discussion. This post-show addition allows for inviting questions and comments about the show and theatre.

Epilogues for the 2023 season: 

An Iliad: Thursday, March 2nd
Lotería: Saturday, April 29th
Head over Heels: Thursday, July 20th
The Half-Life of Marie Curie: Thursday, August, 17th
Baskerville: Thursday, September 14th