July 12, 2019

Cabaret: A Brief History

With Summer in full swing, the Lake Dillon Theatre Company is gearing up for one of it’s most popular events of the year, Summer Sunday Cabarets! This year the LDTC will feature four Summer Sunday Cabarets with a variety of themes including, ‘My first job,’ ‘The Ensemble,’ ‘Beatlemania!,’ and the ever popular ‘Jukebox Musicals.’ With a summer full of excitement and the music of Mamma Mia! these four musical events are the cherry on top of the LDTC’s 25th Anniversary Season.

But where did cabaret originate? And why do we enjoy these intimate story-telling concerts? Here is a brief history.

Cabaret’s origin has been traced to Europe in the late 19th Century. While this kind of entertainment was seen across Europe during this time the first cabaret has been credited to France and took place in November 1881 in Paris. Rodolphe Salis created what was initially called Le Cabaret Artistique which began a culture in which musicians, dancers, poets, and even writers would gather to discuss their ideas and works over drinks and food.

We now know cabaret as a frivols art form in which artists gather to perform for an audience while they dine or drink. When you attend a cabaret at the Lake Dillon Theatre Company you will be greeted with so much more than just a show. Each performer brings their own unique story to the stage. Many times, these meaningful stories engage audiences in ways that a regular theatre performance cannot.

So what are you waiting for? Come to the Cabaret and listen to the music and the story!

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