August 22, 2019

Behind the scenes: Every Brilliant Thing

Every Brilliant Thing‘s run at the Lake Dillon Theatre Company began Aug. 16. If you haven’t been to this show yet prepare yourself for an interactive show-going experience, unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

When you go to a one-person show one of the biggest questions you may have is how did the actor remember all of their lines? The answer is lots and lots of rehearsals. For Every Brilliant Thing, rehearsals were just as unique as the show as Colt Neidhardt, who plays The Man, needed practice audiences to help him with the intricate and interactive pieces on this show. Below enjoy a few of our favorite behind the scenes moments.

Rehearsals started in our LAB Theatre. Here a practice audience including actors, apprentices, stage managers, and crew members all were assigned Brilliant Things to read and were cast as characters including Mr. Patterson, and the Vet. 

All shows have a final dress rehearsal. For Every Brilliant Thing, a select audience of Community Members and LDTC volunteers were invited to view the performance. In full costume on a completed set, and with a brand new audience the show took its form.


Want a little more brilliance in your life? Need a reminder of the Brilliant Things? Every Brilliant Thing runs now – Sept. 15.

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