June 25, 2019

Actor Spotlight: Gina Ward

The LDTC is getting excited for the heart warming production Mamma Mia!. We are thrilled to bring Gina Ward to Colorado’s beautiful mountains for the first time this summer. Gina will be playing Sophie in the LDTC’s production Mamma Mia!.

Here are a few things about what she is looking forward to, what has challenged her thus far, and a little about her character!


How has your transition been coming from New York to Silverthorne?

I didn’t realize how serious the altitude was. Everything was easy, however when we arrived we immediately went grocery shopping and that’s when it hit me. I honestly thought I dodged the infamous altitude! But no, I was so confused because I got insanely exhausted and it was hard to keep my eyes open and my lips were beyond dry. I soon found out that I didn’t beat the altitude. Now, I drink over a gallon of water everyday and have Chlorophyll every morning and I’m a changed, hydrated woman. 🙂


What has been your favorite past role?

I recently got done playing Stephanie Mangano in Saturday Night Fever. She was my first leading lady. I will cherish her forever. She is strong, independent, and fierce. She helped me become more confident in myself and my art.

Gina as Stephanie Mangano in Saturday Night Fever


What is your favorite song in Mamma Mia!?

I LOVE “Thank You For The Music.” The melody of that song just feels so good to sing!


Gina as part of the ensemble in a previous production of Mamma Mia!


What is the most challenging part about playing Sophie in Mamma Mia!?

HER VOCAL RANGE! It’s crazy. She sings down in the basement and then up in the rafters. It’s bananas.


Gina as Silly Girl in Beauty and The Beast


Tell us a little about your character..

I feel like Sophie has such a bad rap. I feel like she’s usually perceived as manic and sassy. I did a lot of acting Homework before coming so that Sophie’s depth could also be read and people could see that the reason for her madness is love. She wants love from a father figure. She wants love for and from her mother and she wants love and acceptance from Sky. YES, she’s young and made poor decisions; inviting 3 possible father figures to her wedding and not telling anyone……However, her intention is so pure and rooted in love. So I’m working really hard to let that shine through overall.


How do you relate to your character?

I feel so connected to Sophie. Everything in my life is rooted in love. I believe that love is the meaning of life. What’s the point in living if not to be in love and love what you do. Alsoooooo, when I was younger I was just as spontaneous and as reckless as Sophie….it was problematic at times, but I’ve definitely learned from those mistakes as I think Sophie does too.


How are you different from your character?

The main difference between Sophie and I is our age difference and current life struggle. She is young and takes very immature actions. She also struggles with wanting to know who her father is. I don’t know what it’s like to not know who my father is, but I definitely know struggle, so I’m able to relate by using my own past experiences. And although I’m not as young and reckless as Sophie is, I definitely used to be so I can absolutely relate to that.


What has been the most exciting part about working at Lake Dillon Theatre Company?

Welllllll, crazy story……I heard about LDTC in 2016 through Emily Dennis. She had just done Cabaret here and said it was amazing and I shared with her how one of my dreams was to work in Colorado. Fast forward to 3 years later, I’m working at LDTC (not realizing that Emily told me about this theatre years ago) and walked in to find out that Emily is currently in a show here! I hadn’t seen her since we worked together in 2016 and everything hit me! Our conversation from 2016 and how I put into the universe my dream to work here and specifically at this theatre. I remember looking it up after she told me about it. So this dream was years in the making and actually came true. It was a wild realization and I’m so happy that it came true.


Mamma Mia! cast LDTC 2019

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