2024 theatre season

June 21 – July 14

Prepare for a comedic delight as a soon-to-be-announced theatre play takes a classic story and infuses it with humor and wit. This production promises laughter aplenty, blending familiarity with a fresh twist. Stay tuned for the title reveal and get ready for a rollicking good time where comedy steals the spotlight!

July 19 – August 11

“The Amish Project” is a poignant play inspired by the Nickel Mines school shooting in 2006. It explores themes of forgiveness and resilience within an Amish community affected by tragedy. Through compelling narratives, the play offers a thought-provoking reflection on the human capacity for forgiveness and healing.

August 16 – September 8

“The Legend of Georgia McBride” is a comedic and heartwarming play by Matthew Lopez. The story centers on Casey, a struggling Elvis impersonator who unexpectedly becomes a performer in a drag show at the bar where he works. Through humor and glitter, the play explores themes of identity, acceptance, and self-discovery, offering a celebration of diversity and the transformative power of embracing one’s true self.

December 3 – 22

This thrilling adaptation uses only five actors to bring some of Dickens’ most beloved characters to life. From Scrooge and Tiny Tim to Bob Cratchit and Mrs. Fezziwig, Barlow’s A Christmas Carol uses nothing more than some simple props, fresh physicality, and the power of imagination to convey this timeless story of redemption. Witness Ebenezer Scrooge’s transformation from a stingy miser to a man who generously celebrates the spirit of the season all year long, in this highly theatrical adaptation.

Additional 2024 programming

February 10, April 27,
June 8, October 12

The new Jazz Music Series at Theatre Silco promises an unparalleled intimate experience, where the fusion of exceptional musical talent and the unique atmosphere of the venue creates an unforgettable evening. Immerse yourself in the soulful notes and captivating ambiance, as this series redefines the live jazz experience with the signature touch that only Theatre Silco can provide.

January 26, March 29, May 24,
October 4, November 1

The interactive film series at Theatre SilCo is not your ordinary movie night—it’s a dynamic experience for the whole family. From lively sing-alongs to spirited costume contests, the series transforms the traditional cinema outing into a vibrant celebration of film and community. Get ready for a cinematic journey that goes beyond the screen, combining the magic of movies with the joy of shared experiences at Theatre SilCo.

March 1, May 31, September 20, 
November 29

Theatre SilCo’s Interactive Trivia Night is a one-of-a-kind experience that transcends typical quiz nights. Engage in lively competition while enjoying live performances, themed nights, and spirited costume contests—all within the unique and vibrant atmosphere of Theatre SilCo. Join us for an unforgettable evening of entertainment, laughter, and friendly rivalry that sets our trivia night apart.

March 11

Theatre SilCo’s “Reply All Improv” and “No Sense, No Sensibility: 30 Plays in 60 Seconds” showcase the company’s innovative and rapid-fire approach to theater.These productions at Theatre SilCo promise not only creativity and wit but also an immersive and fast-paced exploration of the boundless possibilities of live performance.